3 Ways to Improve Your Branding

We’re ecstatic to be preparing for this year’s Branded: The Workshop event. We’ll be there and we want to see you there too! In case you’ve missed the emails and social media posts, the details are as follows:

Branded: The Workshop

July 19, 2014 10am-6pm

Ink48 Hotel in New York City


Got it? Good. Be there. To help you get ready to “learn how to create a brand that makes more money and positions you as a game-changer,” we put together a quick list of three ways to improve your branding strategies. These are kind of quick and dirty and you can start working on them today!

1. Know what ‘BRAND’ means.

The definition of the word brand is: a desired (or intended) perception. This means, when we talk about your ‘brand’, we’re discussing how you and your business are perceived by others. When you understand this fully and think big picture, you see how everything you do, say and post on the internet needs to be done with care and consideration of your brand.

2. You need to spend money.

Real money, we mean. In order to get a well-tailored website, logo, copywritten material, social media presence, marketing strategy and other big and little items you’re going to need, you have to spend some money. Re Perez says you should allocate 15% of what you want to make over the course of the next year in order to meet the financial needs of properly branding yourself and your work.

3. Be professional… but relatable.

Hire a writer or an editor to look over and improve your content… everywhere! From your website to your newsletter, even your social media posts, your clients both existing and potential want to see that you’re a pro that they can both relate to and trust. If your site has typos and slang or a tone that’s too stuffy and cold, you’ve failed to brand your business well.

That’s all we’re sharing today because, like you, we want the latest and greatest info from the experts themselves! Please, consider this your formal invite to pull up a chair next to us later this month at Branded: The Workshop. We can’t wait to see you there!

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