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About Tya Bolton

Tya BoltonHi, it's Tya! Welcome to my About Page. This is where I am supposed to wow and impress you with all my credentials and achievements. Instead, I’d like to do something unprecedented:

Can I be transparent with you first? Open? Honest? Maybe even a little bit vulnerable?

Underneath all the awards, all the success, accolades and the glowing testimonials, like everyone else, sometimes I feel anything but impressive. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned from the path to my multi-six-figure business, it’s this:

Those times when you feel the least impressive ... are your biggest opportunities to shine. To breakthrough. To really discover what’s possible.

For me, it was back in 2006 when I was tested as I had never been tested before. I was downsized out of a lucrative corporate position that was my livelihood. I separated from my husband, and I nursed my ailing father through the final months of his battle with cancer.

All within months of each other.

Yes, it was tough. And I don’t want to trivialize what I went through. But having gone through it ... and experienced times when it was all I could do to handle the next thing that was in front of me ... I really understand what you are going through every time you decide to take a leap with your business.

titanic struggleBecause sometimes business feels like a Titanic struggle. (Wish someone had told you about that part, right?)

You’re being called on to do things you never thought you would have to do - to create results that just a few years ago (even a few months ago) you might have thought were impossible.

The stakes couldn’t be higher for you at this moment! Your future… your family’s future... huge possibilities for you and your business, all on the line. It all seems to hang by a single thread.

You see ... I understand this because I lived it. During that incredible time of challenge, and all through my life as well. It’s what I try to convey to each and every one of my clients:  I know what you’re doing is more than a business. It’s more than a balance sheet. It’s more than “what you do.” It’s who you are!

  • Because you are always pushing yourself to see the possibilities ... so do I.
  • Because you always want to accomplish big things ... so do I.
  • And because you are willing to do whatever it takes to make your business successful ... so am I.

fork in road

Every step you take in your business could be the road that takes you to your destiny… or to disaster. You need someone by your side who not only can tell you how to carry out your choices flawlessly, but to also guide you with the right tools, systems, and procedures. You need someone who has the vision to see what is truly best for you and your business.

It’s something that I have always been able to do for my clients:

  • To know what you’re really shooting for ... before you do,
  • To craft the fastest way to get there ... even when you don’t see it, and
  • To articulate that vision so you’re locked in on it … and won’t allow anything to distract you or get in your way.

There was the time when I was just starting to crawl out from under the challenge of losing my job, my father, and my marriage. I was just starting to get momentum back in my life. I was offered the position of Director of Administrative Services for a prestigious law firm.

To an outsider, it looked like a Godsend. Very secure, nice salary, fantastic benefits. It looked like the perfect thing to get me back on my feet.

And while this may shock you ... I said NO.

Now understand ... I had bills to pay. I had a future to reclaim. I had kids to raise. And I needed the money like crazy. But, I also knew something very important,  something deep in my core:

When things don’t fit ... they don’t fit. And there’s no amount of sugar coating that can make it fit. And sometimes you have to say no to something that’s not a perfect fit. No matter what the cost ... to find out what is.

Consider this:  Had I not made that difficult choice, I would not have my own multi-six-figure business. I would not have been able to afford the gift of supporting my children to any future they wanted. I would not have experienced the blessing of working every day to help entrepreneurs and association executives achieve their dreams.

This is the same strategic vision I bring to each and every one of you:  My valued clients. Because I can see what you can’t see. I can see when you’re playing it safe instead of doing what you’re meant to do. I can see when you’re turning your back on the opportunity that could change everything.

I can help you make the decisions that not only create stunning growth from new ventures, but can pull incredible profits from the business you already have.

I can see the money that’s hiding in plain sight; money that you can’t see.

wanda womanThe crazy thing is ... this isn’t a stretch for me. In fact, even when I was a kid, I was always doing it for other people. My full name is Tywanda, but my family gave me the nickname “Wanda Woman” at an early age. You can imagine I took quite a bit of ribbing for it.

I didn’t mind... because that’s who I was:

  • I was always wiser than my age.
  • I was always the one who had the answers.
  • I was always the one people came to for advice.

…even when it came to organizing and planning things that are way beyond what most kids can handle.  From family reunions to weddings, I was always the one involved in the planning - always at the center of helping to pull it off. And always the one they turned to, to make things work.

That may have been why after a few short years in business, and not far removed from my crisis, I had built an incredibly profitable, multiple six-figure empire. But I wasn’t done because my clients started asking me to do for them what I had done for myself:

  • To avoid the mistakes that could have turned my six-figure success into disaster.
  • To guide them through powerful strategies that delivered the profits and freedom they dreamed of.
  • And to take their business from scratch to multiple six figures ... and beyond!

Now, meet Tenacious Tya!

tenacious tya

As you can see, it's been an incredible ride. And it isn’t over. One of the most amazing things that has evolved in my business is the need for my fabulous team and me to manage more events for our clients. Now if you know anything about live events, you know they can be a high stakes gamble with a lot of money going out, and no guarantee of it coming back.

But they can also be a gold mine! You can literally bring in a year’s worth of your previous income in a single weekend. It’s the area of my business I’m most excited about. It has the greatest potential to totally transform the businesses and lives of my clients.

The interesting thing is ... I don’t ever remember saying, “OK! I’m going to help organize insanely profitable events for my clients!” It evolved naturally. Powerfully. While it wasn’t always easy, it brings up perhaps the most powerful asset I bring to the table to facilitate the success of my clients:

And that is ... the power of the network. The incredible things that can happen when you’re clear on who you are, where you’re going, and what you excel at.

  • When I found myself without a job ... separated from my husband ... and nursing a dying father, it was the power of the network that saved me.
  • When I turned down a lucrative “dream” position, that to anyone else appeared to be my salvation ... it was the power of the network that provided a direction I could have scarcely imagined.
  • …and when It came time for my own business to take its next big steps, it was the power of the network that showed me the way.

And so it will be with you. At the precise moment when it appears as if all of your options have been exhausted ... the power of the network will open up a way where there was no way.

The one thing my entire life has revealed to me is:  When you’re in the right place, with the right skills, and the right guidance, surrounded by the right people ... you are unstoppable.

It’s what I have experienced my entire life. It’s what I have helped my rapidly growing stable of clients experience. And it is the biggest thing that I would love to be able to do ... for YOU!

Point with Purpose - Tya BoltonI truly believe you were put here for a reason. You were given your skills, your genius and all your experiences (even the uncomfortable ones) not to keep to yourself, but to share.

I’ve seen over and over that when you finally discover the way to connect these assets to the largest group of people who need them, you will have a business that not only creates all the money you want, but reveals to you a life you could have scarcely imagined.

But you don’t have to imagine it ... because you’re living it.

Envisioning your ultimate success,

Tya Signature


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