Are You Committed, or Just Casually Dating Your Business?

Recently, I returned from a 2-day marketing intensive in Charlotte, NC with my coach of two years, the phenomenal Suzanne Evans. During that 1st day – in fact, the first 30 minutes of the first day, she shared a video of Bishop T.D. Jakes speaking on commitment. Boy was that powerful for me!

The message: It doesn’t matter how smart you are, how many educational degrees you have,how many friends you have, etc. With lack of commitment, you will not succeed to the degree in which you are capable…  I will not succeed… We will not succeed!

In order to experience transformation, you MUST have total commitment to place a new framework around your processes, habits and mindsets. Okay, so here’s a moment of transparency –  the content of the message was confirmation that I had just been casually dating my business for the first few years.  Although the business has grown into a successful six figure, award winning company, I wasn’t stretching my goals, picking up the phone to follow up with people, marketing and networking as I should, and establishing soundproof systems for growing the team.  I imagined how much farther I’d be now had I been wholly committed to doing whatever it took during that timeframe and I realized I likely would’ve already hit seven figures had the commitment been more stable.

So, are you all in with your business, projects, or relationships –  or are you doing the casual dating dance? Will you ever get to see what you’re truly capable of? Do you understand you’re doing your tribe a disservice by not sharing all of who you are and utilizing the wonderful gifts that are unique only to you? I invite you to throw your whole self at whatever you are working on! Don’t let one more day go by where you’re just being casual!

I would love to know what new commitment you are making today. What are you up to that requires a mindset shift right now? Post a comment below about what this message means for you and what you’re committing to do differently so I can cheer you on! Everybody needs a fan club! I’m there for you.

Oh, and just for an element of fun, I’ve included one of my prom pictures from that marketing intensive. Yes, I said prom! It was a blast! Imagine, prom all over again in my 30’s! LOL!


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