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Association Management

An Association that's clicking on all cylinders can be a huge boost to your profile, opportunities and profits.  Making it happen is a whole other story. That can make you wonder why you started it in the first place. Our Association Management services can set everything right. With your members. Your website. Your board. Even your finances.


Association Administration

Membership Liaison:   Want to know the secret to ever-growing membership? Its your existing members. While keeping your members happy AND great word of mouth fuels blockbuster growth … its more easily said than done.  Our experienced membership experts know exactly what to do to keep your members happy. And keep your membership growing.

Website Maintenance:   Nothing says your association is second rate more than a shabby, out-of-date website.  But when you trust your association website to us,  you can be sure to put an end to expired events, drab descriptions, or Inadequate information. And ensure you keep existing members happy. And new members coming.

Board Support:  Being a board member can feel like an exercise in overwhelm:  Annual reports. Financial reports. Keeping the membership directory updated. But don't worry! Our experienced board support specialists can handle it for you. And we can provide the strategy and implementation that helps each board member optimize their results.

Financial Reporting:   Ever feel like you need extra support to help your association president and treasurer handle member payments, renewals, budget and cash flow?  Help is literally just a phone call away.  We can even help you work with your CPA to process your returns. So you can breathe easy!


Conference Management

Monthly Meetings:   Monthly meetings aren't merely a service for your members. They can also be an incredible source of profit for your organization. Don't know how? Let us show you scores of powerful money-making strategies. And how to implement them with ease.

Annual Conferences:  When you're a non-profit, your annual conference is both an unprecedented opportunity. And a potential nightmare. With so much at stake, why not let our experienced event strategists and organizers lend a hand? From revenue strategies to seamless planning and advice, we've got what you need to make your event an unparallelled success!

Signature Events:  You pour your heart and soul into your signature events. Why not let us help you pull them off without a hitch? Whether its an awards ceremony, an open house, or a showcase, we can  help make your event all that  you envisioned it to be. And more!

Sponsorship / Advertising:  If you don't have event sponsors , you're missing out on a cash windfall. A well organized sponsorship program can even cover a majority of your event costs. And we're there to help you reap these rewards!  With a proven pipeline to help you find ideal sponsors, find the best rates. Even advertise for sponsors on your website and in your newsletter.