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Business Management Operations

You can have the best products and services on the planet. But if you can't manage your business, you'll see customer loyalty and sales plummet. If managing your business ranks high on your list of LEAST favorite things … why not let us take all the headaches off your plate?


Training Programs

Customer Service:  The easiest sale to make is to someone who's already bought.  And marginal customer service can send this revenue river down the drain and right into the wallets of your competitors! Keep your clients satisfied (and coming back for more!) when we train your people to be customer service stars!

Admin Skills:  You would be shocked at how much time, money, and opportunity slips through your fingers from shoddy administration. Stop the mistakes (and explode your profit margins) with our "tight as a drum" admin training that makes headaches and unwelcome surprises a thing of the past.


Business Management / Strategy

Goal Setting:   If you don't know where you're headed, any road will take you there. It's the reason a staggering number of businesses operate at a fraction of their profit potential. You'll discover how to set laser-focused goals that rake in the revenue when you allow our strategic wizards to lead the way.

Strategic Management:   Once you've set your goals … how do you get there with a minimum of expense and struggle and a maximum of profit? We've guided our own business to explosive success, and have done the same for countless clients!  We can provide the critical strategic guidance that makes the difference between disaster and dollars. When every decision counts, you can count on us for powerful strategies that skyrocket your success.

Team Management:   Your business can only grow as fast as your team. If you've been putting off growing your team, you're leaving untold thousands on the table. Whether you are just getting it started, or want to ensure your existing team runs like a well oiled machine, we've can dial up the prefect solution for you.


Virtual Assistance

Customer Liaison:   Don't have the time (or the resources) to train your team for impeccable customer service? Then let us do it for you!  We've worked with scores of clients in industries across the board and we know exactly what makes your customers crow about your service ... instead of taking their business elsewhere.

Payment Processing:   Don't know the difference between a merchant account or a bank account? PayPal and PracticePay? Does the thought of managing installment payments, membership payments, and continuity programs send you scurrying for cover? Then relax! Our efficiency experts can set up the perfect payment processing system for your needs. Don't lose thousands because of payment processing overwhelm!

CRM Management:   Are sales slipping through your fingers because you're losing track of leads? Are you driving prospects away with follow up that drives them crazy, instead of driving them to buy? Our advanced client management gurus can help track every single lead, AND flawlessly follow-up with systems and strategies that insure every possible sale becomes an actual sale.