Create a Successful Business from the Inside Out

At Exceptional Business Solutions, we help you create a successful business by offering the administrative support you need to make your for profit or nonprofit organization shine! We’re all familiar with the many moving parts involved with operating a business. Let’s think of our business like an engine.

You need gasoline to fuel the engine. Gasoline is the day-the-day activities that make your business “get up and go”. It’s the physical pieces of opening the business each day, physically or online, and pouring all the elements into your “tank” to get things started, and making sure it stays fueled. This is the foundation of creating a successful business.

Gasoline is necessary, but without that gas being injected into a combustion chamber and combining with air which is ignited by a spark plug, gasoline is useless. It’s that combustion and spark that makes that engine start and take off each and every time. It’s a system that works together continually.

Once that internal combustion takes place, it’s ready to go out in the world. The engine takes all its moving parts – the oil that lubricates the engine (what we may think of as the “elbow grease”) keeps it running smoothly. The antifreeze and radiator keep the engine from overheating (think burnout) and the power steering fluid makes the experience of driving a smooth one (not experiencing difficulty in steering or being tugged in different directions).

The transmission puts us into a logical gear…first, second, third, fourth. The idea is to shift smoothly from one gear to the other. We can think of that as the inevitable changes that we encounter in our day to day life of being an entrepreneur, and our ability to “shift gears” as necessary. There’s automatic and manual transmissions – which one describes the operation of your business?

Weather gets stormy, just like real life and business gets stormy.  That’s why we have windshield wipers (to clear away debris), a horn to signal impending danger (our intuition and experience) and headlights (to help  us see during those dark times which will inevitably come). All are strong accessories that compliment our ability to navigate day after day in our efforts to create a successful business.

One of the most important aspects of the car is where the motor is encased; the outer shell that is the design and look of the car. That is our appearance in the world. Is your business a classic car in pristine condition? A sporty one that garners attention? A workhorse like a pickup truck? Or maybe your business is more like the steady, seamless family vehicle that is all purpose and dependable day after day? This appearance is created from the inside out—make sure it conveys the right messaging.

Cars come in models. So do businesses. Let us help you create a successful business.

Ask yourself –

  • Are you providing your business the fuel it needs?
  • Does your business light a spark in your intended market? Does that spark come from inside of you, the entrepreneur? Are there systems in place to make that spark happen consistently?
  • How do you perform maintenance so that the engine of the business runs smoothly and dependably day after day? Are you running a well-oiled machine?
  • Can your business adapt to various terrains of today’s world?
  • Do you practice self-care for yourself as an entrepreneur so that you don’t experience burnout and can work ON your business rather than IN your business? Do you have support to keep those moving pieces running without interruption?
  • Does your business have the proper appearance and tone it sends out into the world? Fun, dependable, fancy, a hard worker? Have you found your market and are you thinking of ways to expand it?

If your engine is tired, hasn’t gotten the regularly scheduled maintenance, needs systems put in order, or just needs a bit of spark in terms of re-branding or process improvements, Exceptional Business Solutions can help you create a successful business. Contact us for a conversation so we can help you strengthen those moving parts and drive your business into greater success!

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