Ensuring Health and Wellness Through Delegation

Photograph Credit: Samuel Merritt University

This month we have been highlighting many of the benefits both at an employee and enterprise level created by delegation.  Though, what has not been given much emphasis on are the health advantages to removing the obstacles caused by being overwhelmed and not placing accountability on others.  The stress and pressure easily harbored as a result of procrastination, being overworked, and losing the productivity levels you once had can impact your physical and emotional health.  Your ability to deal with it can mean the difference between success and failure.

You can’t control everything in your work environment but by delegating your responsibilities you are able to piecemeal larger projects into more manageable tasks that can be reviewed.  Using delegation to manage workplace stress does not imply that huge changes need to be made or that you should rethink your career. Rather, delegation will allow you to simply reenergize and focus on one thing that’s always within your control: you.

There is an art to delegation and I advise the following with all of my clients in order to streamline their professional lives and create work life balance:

(1.) Create a clear plan that others can visually perceive

(2.) Set measurable and specific expectations

(3.) Identify the individual(s) you can delegate to

(4.) Create an Accountability Process and associate rewards and sanctions for each delegated task

(5.) Put it in writing

(6.) Establish check-in intervals and processes

(7.) Always remember to acknowledge great work as it’s not about you, it’s about the individual.


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