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Supporting Women Entrepreneurs Worldwide

For the third year in a row, EBS founder and fearless leader, Tya Bolton, sat down to judge over 400 submissions for the annual Stevie Awards super hero Tya Boltonand we couldn’t be more proud. Now, you may be asking yourself, “What are the Stevie Awards and why does this matter?” Well, we’re going to tell you because it involves something we’re very passionate about around here, supporting women entrepreneurs.

The Stevie Awards is the world’s premier business award competition. It spans the globe and encompasses a variety of industries and business specifics in its categories but what we’re focused on today is the Awards for Women in Business ceremony which will be taking place in New York City on November 14th.

Tya was chosen to examine nominations across 90 categories including Executive of the Year, Women Helping Women, Communications Campaign of the Year and, of course, Entrepreneur of the Year.

We work with quite a few women entrepreneurs ourselves here at EBS and we love them. In fact, studies have shown that women have more than a few common characteristics that make them superior entrepreneurs at times and we think that’s incredible. From solo-preneurs to women who, like Tya, run a full-fledged business, women business founders are on the rise. But, like all emerging groups, they need our help.

In order to do our part in supporting Women Entrepreneurs, we’ve taken the pledge to take part in Women’s Entrepreneur Day. Launching in partnership with Global Entrepreneurship Week in over 140 countries, Women’s Entrepreneurship Day is coming up fast on November 19th. How will you help? What women-owned or women-led business will you support this year?

If you’d like to continue this discussion (and we’d love it if you did so that we all get more ideas about supporting women entrepreneurs), comment below or join us on our social media pages (links below and on the right sidebar) so we can chat!

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