When the IRS Hunts You Down

Okay, so maybe we’re being a bit dramatic but, we don’t know if you’ve heard, our leader Tya Bolton was recently called upon to share a not-so-great story about how, after years of running EBS successfully, she encountered her first IRS snafu and she had to pay… big time.

Long story short, the staff at EBS used to be a team of Independent Contractors until Tya was served with a request for unemployment benefits. After the Internal Revenue Service took a look at who we are and what we do, they determined that the EBS staff would be better labeled employees instead, taxes and benefits where applicable made payable by Exceptional Business Solutions.

Tya shares this oops moment in business leadership openly because she wants to support other business owners to make sound choices that won’t backfire on them later. When approached by the Washington Post to share her expertise and experience, Tya gladly admitted how and why this embarrassing situation put her in a compromised position in which the IRS literally hunted her down for thousands of dollars.

Now, EBS clients have an advantage in this area. As they grow and expand with staff of their own, Tya is right there beside them to help with communication with the IRS and taking the necessary steps to determine whether they have Independent Contractors or employees working for them. If you’re wondering about your own business, give the IRS a call or request a complimentary consult with Tya to see how EBS can help your business thrive and avoid your own IRS smack-down. Trust us, they’re not fun.
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