Why Your Business Needs Social Media

Are you active on social media? Got a Facebook or Twitter account for your business that you update regularly? If you answered no to both questions, you need to read this.

Only a few years ago, businesses were paying a fortune to advertise in Yellow Pages and other business directories with the hope that a potential customer would find them in a sea of names and say “Aha! This is just what I’m looking for.” Now of course we know that when a business directory is dropped on our doorstep, it usually goes straight into the recycling can.

Fast forward to today. Businesses are leaving the expensive ads in directories for the relatively cheap and FREE option of social media.  Why? Because it works.


  • Immediate. It’s an immediate and inexpensive way to reach clients and customers. No more overpriced ads that don’t deliver.


  • Options. There are many options to find your audience – Not on Twitter? They may be on Facebook or LinkedIn.


  • Connection. It keeps you in touch with your customers’ needs and wants – no expensive surveys or focus groups needed, just tweet a question and get dozens or even hundreds of replies.


  • TOMA. It gives you ‘Top of Mind Awareness’, so you are always somewhere in the internet making it easier for a client to reach you when they are ready to do business.


  • Growth. It is growing rapidly and can help your business grow with it. It’s quickly replacing traditional offline and online media and gives you the opportunity to expand your reach at lightning speed.


  • Personal. Gives your brand that personal touch that endears customers to you. Remember: People do business with people they know, like and trust.


So don’t get left behind. Go ahead and pick a couple of social networks to dominate in your niche. Need helping managing your social media? At Exceptional Business Solutions LLC, we offer a variety of marketing and business support to help you reach your goals effortlessly. Contact us HERE for a consultation.


Image courtesy: Sean Macantee 

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